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The Women’s Sexual Assault Centre of Renfrew County 'Creating Rural Rainbow Connections' was held in May 2006



(Funded by: The Ministry of the Attorney General)

'CREATING RURAL RAINBOW CONNECTIONS - TOGETHER - WITH PRIDE IN OUR COMMUNITIES' raised awareness about gender identity, sexual orientation, history and culture of lesbian, gay bi & transgender people.  This Conference and Media Campaign challenged some of the myths and educated about the realities of homophobia.  These events provided opportunities to learn how heterosexism, oppression and discrimination hurts all people.

The purposes of this Conference were to;

·         increase public and service provider awareness of the oppression of gays and lesbians in Renfrew County

·         increase awareness of the trauma experienced by gay and lesbian victims of hate crimes in order to become knowledgeable and to be able to provide meaningful support to gay and lesbian people. 

The Conference included;

·         an overview of the history and culture of gay and lesbian people

·         awareness of gender identity and sexual orientation issues

·         information about the impact of oppression, prejudice and isolation of gay and lesbian people living in rural communities

·         review of the law as it relates to hate crimes against gays and lesbians

·         information and resources about how to provide effective support systems as individuals, organizations and the broader community

·         an education and resource materials package for participants to share with colleagues, family and other networks for future education purposes

The Conference developed an 'ALLY ACTION PLAN' for individuals and organizations in order to reduce future negative attitudes and beliefs.

The Conference created opportunities for INCLUSIVITY for gay and lesbian people in order to foster community building.

The Conference provided an opportunity for gay and lesbian people to create SAFETY STRATEGIES and become aware of resources for living in rural isolated communities.

A MEDIA CAMPAIGN promoted 'positive messages'  about lesbian and gay history and culture through posters, buttons, newspaper advertising and radio announcements throughout all of Renfrew County.

A ‘LEADERS AMONG US’ Dinner celebrated 17 individuals in Renfrew County from all walks of life who work to be inclusive of lesbians and gay men and provide advocacy in their workplaces, schools and faith communities.

The Conference had 120 people attend.

It is the hope that the Conference, Media Campaign & ‘Leaders Among Us’ Dinner will 'interrupt' potential overt hate crimes and the covert acts of emotional and verbal threats against lesbians and gay men living in Renfrew County.

Event Follow-Ups include;

Presentation at OUT Games in Montreal - Summer 2006

Presentation at Violence Against Women Conference in Waterloo - February 2008

Presentation at Algonquin College - March 2008

Presentation at National Conference of College Social Workers  - Perth, May 2008

Lavender Living Room Drop-In - Fall 2008 email: directorwsac@vianet.ca for more info



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